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Dry cleaning story. In 1948, Earl and Kitty Greer took the money Earl had won playing hearts during World War II, and started Greer & Woods Dry Cleaning with Frank Woods. The original location on Williston Rd. later became part of the cloverleaf exchange for Interstate 89.

The Greers bought Woods out, moved the operations to Dorset St and added the area's first coin-operated Laundromat and changed the name to GREERS House of Dry Cleaning. By the time of Earl's death in 2002, the business had grown to six locations.

In 2005, long-time family friends, Billy & Tim O'Brien, purchased GREERS Dry Cleaning & Launder Centers, which they own and operate today.

Awards and recognitions. Greers is a proud member of DLI International. We have hired many consultants to ensure our customer service and operational practices at top-notch. We send representatives to industry specific functions and events in our efforts to stay current with the latest technologies.

Environmentally friendly wet cleaning services. The environment has always been a priority to us. As a business that proudly honors the beauty and health of our lakes and streams we invest in high-quality products that reduce the pollution of our water system.

Our commitment to sustainability. At Greers we are doing everything we can to support the environment. From bags to hangers we seek to use as much recycled materials as possible to support our operations. For example, we partner with Myers in an attempt to reduce waste through our recycled hanger program.

We’re part of the community. Each member of our team strive to be an integral part of your community. Our community partners include Strides and Lake Monsters, its our goal to help create a happy and healthy environment for every member of our community.

The team that cares. Since 1948 our team has served the Greater Burlington area. Our promise to offer competitively priced resources at locations that conveniently support the needs of our friends and neighbors has lasting effects on the moral of our community. 

As of October 1, 2021 we will no longer be offering dry cleaning services and Greers Dry Cleaning will become Greers Laundry Centers. We sincerely appreciate your business and it has been a pleasure to offer you dry cleaning services all these years. We hope you will continue to use Greers for all your laundry needs in the future. -Tiffany, Lance, and the Greers Crew

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